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Barbara is based in Los Angeles, CA and has a background in athletics and organizational management. Barbara enjoys the constant puzzle solving involved in creating great programming solutions. Her interests include technology, biographies, historical fiction, yoga and outdoor cycling. Barbara is excited to use her new coding skills to effect positive change.


Chris is a video editor and visual effects artist from Baltimore, MD. After working in Los Angeles for several years, he decided that career wasn't really doing it for him and wanted to try something new. He heard about Sabio and the growing demand for developers, and soon realized that the wide applicability of that skill set would open up a lot of possibilities. On top of that, as someone that grew up with a deep interest in computers and the internet, gaining a better understanding of how to leverage those tools to solve problems seemed like an incredibly empowering experience.


Julia is excited to be a part of the inaugural SabioLA class. "My mom came of age in the 1950s and was told she couldn't take advanced geometry because girls had to learn how to sew an apron instead," says Julia. "Knowing that women historically have not been encouraged to pursue what we now call 'STEM,' I have always had something to prove. Now, I am tremendously grateful that SabioLA is giving me and others like me the chance to reach our full potential." Julia is a native to Los Angeles--unfortunately an area with a poor academic reputation. Read More...


Born and raised Los Angeles, Kevin studied Business Administration-Marketing at Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. After realizing joining corporate wasn’t the place for him, he attempted pushing is creative skills he spent a year studying Art Direction, and once realizing that wasn’t the direction he wanted to go in either, he returned home. During his time reflecting he had an epiphany that the web is the platform in which everything to most people will eventually consume from. During this time, he struggled with self-teaching methods and ultimately lead to him following a tweet about a new model to learn to code, Sabio. Outside of his day to day job of being a campus aide at an inner city high school, he enjoys consuming all forms of media, cooking and continuing learning new things.

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